Using Rocks To Redefine Your Landscape

Using Rocks To Redefine Your Landscape

There are many options to choose from when it comes to landscaping. Besides trimming your yard and planting some native plants, you should also take advantage of decorative rocks as well. Rocks offer a durable ground-cover to your landscape. They also add a unique contrast and texture to the aesthetics of your garden. Glass landscape rocks are slowly becoming a favorite among homeowners. You go through Glass Landscape Rocks: 5 Garden Designs for Inspiration that will see you make your landscape attractive.

Homeowners landscaping tips

Plant a rock garden

Planting a rock in your garden is one of the best ways to make your garden look exotic. There are different options to use to achieve such a look. As a tip, you should have it in an area that receives plenty of sunlight. You should also consider adding a few small boulders. Besides the small blocks, you can have some low lying flowers combined with some pebbles. These pebbles should be of a color that compliments the color of the boulders.

Build a pond border

Rocks are essential to anyone with the intentions of introducing a fairytale look into their backyard. When choosing rocks to use in creating a pond border, you need to pick up rocks that complement the appearance of your pond. On the other hand, choosing the right type of rocks also helps you remove those unsightly black pond liners. For a natural look, you should consider using some pebbles or rocks with similar shape and color.

Use a container garden

Instead of having a container garden in your deck, you should consider moving it to your yard. One way of doing this is by placing them close to your sprinkler or watering system. You can set containers inside the yard and surround them with small stones that complement their color. The result will be a container garden that is not only easy to manage but attractive to the eye.

Create a stepping stone path

A stepping stone path is a good landscaping option used in areas with low light intensities. It not only a practical addition since plants cannot thrive those areas but it also keeps shoes clean. To an attractive and tidy look, you should consider placing those big stepping stones with small and uniform pebbles. When it comes to choosing colors. The stepping stone path and small stones should have contrasting colors.…