Bringing Ergonomics to the House: The Kneeling Chair

officekneelerThe Office Star Ergonomic Kneeling Chair has been a true revelation to me. The three consecutive top seller chair is undeniably the best for anyone with back related problems.

Personally, since using this piece my sciatic pains and disc complications seems to have disappeared just like that. I like it due to its simplicity, great style and its affordability. There isn’t any furniture out there as affordable as this offering such comfort and great benefits. It’s absolutely superb considering the price on it.

Don’t be fooled by its simplicity and uniqueness though, the kneeling chair offers numerous advantages. I prefer their mahogany made chair that has the perfect wood finishing as well as a durable foam cushion for comfort ability. It has a leather bound padding too. The foam pads are for both the buttocks and the shins as well.

Another great feature for this chair is the availability of a rolling base to easily move about. The chair height is easily adjustable so you can use it over different heights, I find that a cool and important feature. The office star company also offers an Espresso made chair as well which is fairly comfortable but not compared to the mahogany one.

It is lightweight thus enabling me to carry it to my work place from my home quite easily. This makes it a travel friendly option and convenient for anyone with similar needs. I can easily work from my computer with it with minimal discomfort as well as sit in a board meeting with it.


It offers an excellent sitting posture to accommodate your whole back and support it appropriately, this reduces strain which often results to back problems. It’s incredibly effective at helping you get rid of poor sitting habits.
According to various reviews site, it has been rated a 9 out of 10 for its affordability, ergonomic ranking, durability and comfortably. Based on these positive reviews, am assured I have the correct kneeling chair and I would recommend it for anyone with back problems.

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